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Artists’ Books

Our Artists’ Books feature a diverse range of artists practicing various styles and mediums, including painting, performance, and photography.

Architecture and Mortality by Donald Tarantino (Aug 2020)

The Male Nude by Michael Tice (Mar 2019)

Here Nor There by Sam Rosenthal (Aug 2018)

The Animal Book by Michael Harren (Jul 2018)

Just One More by Jonathan David Smyth (Sep 2017)

Tentative Armor by Michael Harren (Oct 2014)

Retrospective by Michael Tice (Apr 2013)

Poetry Books

Poetry books have been a part of what we do since the beginning. We combine creative language with compelling visuals.

like an angel dead in your arms by luke kurtis (Sep 2020)

(This Is Not A) Mixtape for the End of the World by Daniel M. Shapiro (Aug 2020)

Train to Providence by William Doreski and Rodger Kingston (Nov 2019)

exam(i)nation by luke kurtis (Nov 2018)

Route 4, Box 358 by Dudgrick Bevins (Oct 2018)

the immeasurable fold by luke kurtis (Apr 2018)

Georgia Dusk by Dudgrick Bevins and luke kurtis (Nov 2017)

Angkor Wat book and album by luke kurtis (May 2017)

The Language of History exhibition and book by luke kurtis (Aug 2014)

INTERSECTION exhibition by luke kurtis (Feb 2014)


Electronic synths. Spoken word. Atonal noise. Classical composition. We release music that is highly experimental and avant-garde!

seance by luke kurtis (Feb 2021)

electronic quartets by luke kurtis (Sep 2018)

obscure mechanics by luke kurtis (Apr 2018)

Angkor Wat book and album by luke kurtis (May 2017)


Exhibitions, lectures, and other events!

Visions of the Beyond exhibition and book by Stefanie Masciandaro (Apr 2015)

The Language of History exhibition and book by luke kurtis (Aug 2014)

INTERSECTION exhibition by luke kurtis (Feb 2014)

muse exhibition by luke kurtis (Feb 2013)

Jordan’s Journey lecture and exhibition by Jordan M. Scoggins (May 2012)

Other Projects

Everything else!

bd-studios.com redesign (Dec 2015)

Visions of the Beyond exhibition and book by Stefanie Masciandaro (Apr 2015)

Jordan’s Journey book by Jordan M. Scoggins (Jan 2012)

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