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A Fresh Perspective on Family and Local History:
Jordan’s Journey Takes a Trip Into the Past of Northwest Georgia and Beyond


Jordan's Journey

Jordan’s Journey

Native northwest Georgian Jordan M. Scoggins has published a new book recounting his family history and genealogy. ”Take a trip into the past,” he writes as he invites you to explore the rural south of yesteryear.

In Jordan’s Journey: An Illustrated History of My Family Ancestry, Mr. Scoggins traces the direct lines of his four grandparents (Mary Pope, Earl Jordan, Harold Scoggins, and Dorthelia Holcomb) and various allied family lines. Each family examined is rooted deep in the earliest days of Georgia’s history. The book also explores the broader local history of the home towns of the author’s ancestors, including Villanow, Trans, and Green Bush (in Walker County’s Armuchee Valley) and Subligna (in Chattooga County’s Dirt Town Valley). Scoggins represents the latest in a line of eight generations to live in the area, giving him deeper roots there than almost anyone else alive today.

Jordan’s Journey is an impressive tome, far removed from any other genealogy or family history book. Mr. Scoggins designed the book himself as ”a lush, high-quality artist book that will be right at home on coffee tables everywhere.” His attention to detail is evident. This unique work will delight fans of genealogy and art alike. The author’s original photographs make the work completely unique. Scoggins’s images render his home land with a fresh perspective that brings new life to northwest Georgia’s local history. The book contains over 75 original photos and over 150 vintage images.

Jordan’s Journey, however, goes beyond the printed page. ”It’s a living and breathing project,” says the author. Research of this nature is never finished and he invites everyone to join him at the Jordan’s Journey web site where he continues to investigate the past. New research, photography, and even videos are planned for the blog. Take a trip into the past, indeed, and join Mr. Scoggins at

Jordan M. Scoggins was born in Whitfield County. At the age of four his family moved to the generations-old Pope family farm in the East Armuchee valley of Walker County. These formative years in the land of his ancestors laid the groundwork for the project that became Jordan’s Journey. He graduated from Trion High School in Chattooga County in 1998. Today the author lives in New York City’s Greenwich Village and is a writer and photographer, publishing work under the name luke kurtis. Jordan’s Journey is his first book under the name Jordan M. Scoggins. Published by his own studio,, you can order the book at

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