Take a trip into the past, down a winding road, and through dusty bookshelves. Jordan’s Journey is a tale about the search for my roots, how I searched for the people and places, and how I found everyone is connected… and all are one.

The Jordan’s Journey project was launched in January 2012. All posts from the original blog and the short video series have been archived here for continued research and reference.

The book

Jordan’s Journey is something new to the world of ancestry. It’s a genealogical mashup incorporating photography, writing, design, research, and more. Gone are the boring register reports and dry descriptions found in genealogical tomes of old. Jordan’s Journey takes a new approach, fusing together the creative and academic in a way that breathes new life into family history.

Equal parts genealogical memoir, art photography, and local history, Jordan’s Journey pulls you in with a rich and immersive experience. With more than 75 original photos by the author, as well as over 150 vintage images, Jordan’s Journey invites you on a trip into the rural south of yesteryear.

The book traces the major family lines of Pope, Jordan, Scoggins, and Holcomb, along with the associated families of Clement, Love, Robbs, Goodson, Visinand/Whisinant, Anderson, Chapman, Lawrence, Rambo, Hawkins, Ward, Keown, and Cavender. Other allied families are discussed, as well as general local history of the Armuchee Valley region of northwest Georgia

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The blog

The Jordan’s Journey blog launched in January 2012 to announce the publication of the book. Over the next year, new posts were published almost weekly, becoming an extension of the physical book. All of those posts are available here, featured below by category. You can also browse a chronological listing of all posts.

People and Places

The nuts and bolts of genealogy. Let’s take a trip into the past.
Halloween Photos 1955 & 1986 - Halloween memories from Subilgna, Georgia

Photo from Concord Methodist Church, Villanow, GA - A look at an early 20th century photo from Villanow, Georgia, contributed by Rhonda Locke.

Research and Imagination (& Some Family Photo Fun) - You can use nothing but some old photos and your imagination to connect with your ancestors.

All You Need Is Love - I've often wondered about my ancestors... what were their romances like?

Weather the Storm: Remembering the Blizzard of 1993 - Out on the farm in East Armuchee, we were without power for a week.

History of the Kinsey-Kenemer Cemetery [Guest Post] - I'm pleased to present the very first guest post here at Jordan's Journey.

Villanow’s Scenic Sites: Johns Mountain, Keown Falls, and The Pocket - This area of Walker County is a stunning place to explore, especially if you love hiking and the outdoors.

Halloween Memories in East Armuchee - Pumpkin carving, weenie roasts, and hayrides are some of my favorite memories of the season.

School Days

Revisiting photos and memories from schools around Armuchee Valley and nearby.
School Days: Concord School, early 1890’s - Concord School was among the numerous small schoolhouses in the Armuchee Valley area.

School Days: Subligna High School Class of 1949 - An exciting piece of documentation and part of the rich history of Subligna.


Finding connections between people I knew but didn’t know I was related to was always one of my favorite parts of the research process. On more than one occasion I found I was related to people I had known for years but had no idea we were family.
Connections: Bagwell & Beyond - Most people focus on their direct-line ancestors, but I also like to explore the entire forest canopy.

Connections: Ogletree, Phillips, and Hackney Families - Uncovering a fascinating connection between friends.

Sisters & Cousins: The Scoggins and Bagwell Family Connections - In my family tree, three Scoggins men (cousins of mine) married three women from the Bagwell family.

Connections: Pretty People at Puryear Woods - The Puryear family is a well-known family in the Armuchee Valley area.

Connections: A Unique Rea of Light - I found a an unexpected connection to another Armuchee Valley family, the Reas.

The videos

The videos are a six-episode series to accompany the blog and book, each covering a different local or family history topic.
McWilliams Cemetery [video] - Explore the history of McWilliams Cemetery in West Armuchee, Walker County, Georgia.

East Armuchee Baptist Church [video] - A short video history of East Armuchee Baptist Church in Walker County, Georgia.

Earl Jordan’s Barn [video] - My grandfather's barn is one of those places with great emotional resonance and instantly gives me the feeling of home.

Caney Fork [video] - This short documentary film is about the search for my pioneer ancestors in 19th-century Arkansas.

Concord Road [video] - An exploration of the history of Concord Road in the East Armuchee Valley of Walker County, Georgia.

The Art of Genealogy

An appreciation of creativity is just as much a part of genealogy as research and can even lead to new discoveries.
INTERSECTION luke kurtis exhibition - The exhibition and accompanying book is a spiritual successor to the Jordan's Journey project.

Other Art and Goings On - An update on some of my work beyond Jordan's Journey.

Seen & Unseen: The Inner World of Sahkanaga - A portrait of Walker County as I have never seen before.

Coming Home: More Music from East Armuchee - A bit of aural history from my childhood at East Armuchee Baptist Church

The Pope/Clement Sofa, A Family Heirloom - Furniture often carries its own lineage and makes up an exciting part of family and local history.

The Journey

Genealogy is a journey, not a destination. 
Jordan’s Journey Goes International! ✈️ - My trip to Germany to trace my roots was a genealogist's dream.

Rest In Peace, Cousin Martha - Saying goodbye to a cousin and a friend of Jordan's Journey.

The Year In Review at Jordan’s Journey - Let's look back at the launch of the Jordan's Journey book and this blog. What a year!

Blackout! (or, A Time To Reflect) - During the blackout, I spent a lot of time contemplating my ancestors.

Photos from Jordan’s Journey lectures - My lectures were well attended by many locals and a few people from farther away.

Georgia Backroads

Georgia Backroads published five essays from the Jordan’s Journey project. The blog archive includes information about each piece, including bibliographic details.
cropped for blog post thumbnail Georgia Backroads: “A Man of Most Simple and Attractive Manners” - Researching this story took me all the way to California.

cropped for blog post thumbnail Georgia Backroads: “Polishing the Gilt Easel” - My new essay tells the history of crayon portraiture along with some family history from northwest Georgia.

cropped for blog post thumbnail Georgia Backroads: “The Language of History” - I have a new article out in the current issue (Summer 2014) of Georgia Backroads.

cropped for blog post thumbnail Georgia Backroads: “We Are One People” - My new essay explores my ancestral ties to slavery.

cropped for blog post thumbnail Georgia Backroads: “The Scoggins Family and Subligna Go Way Back” - My new essay is on the Scoggins family and their historic store in Subligna.

The lectures

The author presented two lectures in northwest Georgia, plus an exhibition of photography from the project. Photos from the lectures are archived on the blog.

The press

Jordan’s Journey was featured in several publications (listed in order of publication date):
  • “The Past Uncovered: Author’s research uncovers deep-rooted families and long-lost communities in Northwest Georgia.” Rome News-Tribune, 12 Feb 2012: C1. Print. (Published online on same day).
  • “‘Jordan’s Journey’ Takes A Trip Into The Past Of NW Georgia And A Family.” The Summerville News, 23 Feb 2012: 1-B. Print. (Published online 27 Feb 2012).
  • McEntyre, Christi. “Armuchee Valley native compiles family, area history in “Jordan’s Journey.” Walker County Messenger, LaFayette, GA, 29 Feb 2012: Front Page. Print. (Published on CatWalkChatt.com, 5 Mar 2012).
  • Jones, Jamie. “Jordan’s Journey: Man explores his family ancestry, learns about links to Georgia’s history.” The Daily Citizen, Dalton, GA, 30 Mar 2012: 5. Print. (Published online 4 Apr 2012).

Take a trip into the past

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