I shared some Halloween memories about growing up in East Armuchee a few years ago. Those are still good memories. I thought I would post a couple more photos to accompany them…

The first photo is of my dad in 1955. The photo was taken at the school in Subligna. He and Judy Scoggins (a distant cousin who I don’t know how fits into the tree yet) were crowned Halloween King & Queen!

Mike Scoggins crowns Judi Scoggins Halloween Queen at Subligna School, 1955

The second photo is of me and my sister in 1986. Taken at my Grandmother’s when we stopped by for some treats (grandmothers always have good treats, don’t they?), you might be terrified of this photo because… well, clowns.

Julie and Jordan Scoggins dressed up for Halloween, 1986

Do you have any favorite old Halloween photos from yesteryear? Or maybe any more recent photos that will be a part of your cherished memories one day when you (or perhaps your kids) look back?

Have a Happy Halloween (and watch out for those clowns)!

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