It’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything here at Jordan’s Journey. Life happens, things change, and I just have not had the time to put into creating new content for this blog. I’m keeping it online for now as I think the posts are a valuable archive. People still visit the site, and I am grateful for that, even though I’m not sure when/if I will have the time to pick it back up and update regularly like I did in the beginning. That’s why I’m so thankful when readers want me to help them share information for the greater genealogical good. One such reader is Rhonda Locke.

Rhonda Locke is a fellow researcher of Armuchee Valley families, particularly those associated with Concord Church (on Concord Road in Villanow, GA). As a fellow descendant of the Keown family, she’s also my distant cousin (as I have always said–we’re all connected)! She sent me this wonderful photo and asked me to share it with you.

Concord Methodist Church group photo, early 1900s

Locke also put together this description of the photo (with sources at the bottom of this post):

This photograph of a gathering at Concord Methodist Church in Villanow, Georgia was found among the Hegwood/Keown family photos. It offers a rare glimpse of some of the members of the church in the early 1900’s including several members of the Hegwood, Rainey and W.H. Gray families as well as the sons of William Marbry Morgan. The youngest child is Moody Morgan, born Oct 12, 1902 (Walker 299). He appears to be between 5 and 6 in the photo, which means it was probably taken circa 1907 or 1908. Another possibility is that it was taken on Homecoming in May 1908. Families involved with Concord Church who may also be represented are the Holcombs, Tates, and Keowns, among others.

Ms. Locke has attempted to identify as many people in the photo as possible. “This is all about starting a conversation,” she says, “sharing and illuminating the past and involving folks who might have some information on who these people are.” This version of the image documents her detective work:

Labeled version of Concord Methodist Church group photo, early 1900s

Below is another photo, also from Concord Church, that Ms. Lock has shared, including her description:

A second photo was also found among the Hedwood/Keown family photos. This second photo is of a group of people, including James Wiley Hegwood (seated), his second wife Bettie Edwards Rainey Hegwood, her two sons Granville and Mack Rainey, youngest daughter Nannye (Nancye) Rainey, and eldest daughter Ollie Mable Rainey Farr with her husband, Charles Cornelius Farr. This second picture is possibly a wedding photo of Mable and Charles Farr. They were married on Easter Sunday, April 19, 1908 (Plemons 39). Both images are the same size and have identical mats. It seems reasonable to suppose they were taken on the same day since, according to The Far Flung Farrs, Charley lived in Chattanooga and courted Mable by letters (Plemons 49).

Betty Edwards Rainey, her children, and her second husband, James Wiley Hegwood. The exact location of this house is unknown, but it was somewhere in the Villanow area.

And here’s a cropped and labeled version of the same photo:

Labeled version of the picture of Betty Edwards Rainey with her children and her second husband, James Wiley Hegwood

If you have any information about these photos, these families, or Concord Church, please comment below!

Rhonda Locke’s great-grandmother was Viola Beatrice Hegwood Keown (1877-1958), daughter of James Wiley Hegwood (1854-1945) and Clorinda “Katie” Thornton (1860-1896), his first wife. Viola (referred to as “Domma” by her grandchildren) was one of eleven children, nine of whom lived to adulthood. She lived in North Georgia, mostly Walker County, all her life. She was married to Warren Judson Keown (1879-1940). His grandfather was Issac Newton Keown 1822-1895. The Hegwood family included farmers and community servants, and were active as well in Concord Methodist Church.

NOTE: The Holcomb family associated with Concord Church has no known connection to my Holcomb family (from Dirt Town Valley in Chattooga County). I’ve searched far and wide for any connection but have never uncovered one!


Plemons, Joe, comp. The Far Flung Farrs. Richmond, IN: Board of Home Missions of the Five Years Meeting of Friends, 1996. 39. PDF.

Walker County History Committee, comp. Walker County Georgia Heritage, 1833-1983. LaFayette, GA: Walker County History Committee, 1984. Print. WorldCat.

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