This video on the history of East Armuchee Baptist Church is a great one to share as we draw close to the one-year anniversary of the Jordan’s Journey blog. Several elements in this film connect with things I’ve written about on the blog, such as Delila Brown Ward (here, here, and here), some watermelon memories, and the two posts on music at East Armuchee Baptist Church.

Much more history about East Armuchee Baptist Church isn’t reflected in this video, though. It’s difficult to cram over 125 years of history into just a few minutes. There’s so much more to explore–so many interesting facts and family connections. I’ll continue to collect this history and work on new creations for the future, perhaps in a formal written article or maybe an expanded version of this film. Please let me know if you have anything to share, from your personal recollections to old photographs or anything else.

A special thanks goes to Linda Poarch Kerstein for what she shared. All of the vintage footage I used in this video came from a compilation of old home movies filmed by her father in the 1950s. When Linda’s father celebrated his 90th birthday, Linda had the videos transferred to VHS tape (this was before the days of DVD). That compilation, called Poarch’s Memories contains lots of Porach family footage, but also a lot of East Armuchee community footage. The video is priceless. We are very lucky to have it. I am forever grateful first to Mr. Poarch for having the foresight to film this material to begin with and second to Linda for allowing us all to enjoy it. This is a great example of how family memorabilia can be relevant to the broader community. Poarch’s Memories here has allowed me to show a much richer history of East Armuchee Baptist church. So, again, if you have old photos, videos, or other materials and would like to help me preserve the local history, please leave a comment on the blog and get in touch.

If there’s any topic you’d like to see me cover in the future–whether or not you’re from the areas or families I typically write about–leave a comment to let me know about that too. Feedback from you, my readers, will help me keep the journey going.

As always, thanks for coming along on this trip into the past. Please share the video and let others know about Jordan’s Journey.

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