This page lists every single Jordan’s Journey blog post in chronological order.

Join me on Jordan’s Journey - Take a trip into the past…
What’s in a name? - What's in a name? When it comes to genealogy, a lot.
Where are you from? - I'm still unclear about how to answer the question in a way that doesn't confuse people.
Jordan’s Journey trailer [video] - Take a trip into the past, down a winding road, and through dusty bookshelves.
Ridges and Valleys and Streams… Oh My! - There are numerous historic communities scattered throughout these valleys.
Research and Process - I used no one approach to write the book, combining many different ways of accessing information.
The book cover unveiled… - Unveiled at last, here is the cover of Jordan's Journey.
Armuchee (ᎠᎽᏥ) - Armuchee in Cherokee is ᎠᎽᏥ, but no one knows precisely what "Armuchee" means.
Maids-A-Milking: Suttle Women in West Armuchee - Women often don't get their due in genealogy because we live in a patriarchal society.
The Union in the South - If your family lived in this country during the 1860s, it's well worth digging into your Civil War story.
Connections: The Rambo and Lincoln Families - It's always interesting to map out famous connections in your family tree--however distant they may be.
Happy Birthday, Dad - Wishing my father the best on his special day.
Pope Pedigree: Henry Morris Pope - Why do some ancestors stay in one place while others scatter far and wide?
Young Cemetery West Armuchee thumbnail Forever Young: Mapping Connections Between Armuchee Valley Families - I always enjoy old cemeteries, particularly those in the Armuchee and Dirt Town Valleys.
Connections: The Pope Family in Colonial America - Two different lineages have been identified by genealogists over the years.
The Art of Genealogy - Jordan's Journey is an invitation to explore the inward depths of artistic expression.
Get Your Green On: A Brief Look At My Irish Ancestry - Today I remember my Irish ancestors and raise a glass in their honor.
Happy Birthday, Sis - Wishing my sister the best on her special day.
Suttle’s Mill [video] - A brief introduction to Suttle's Mill in the Green Bush area of the West Armuchee Valley in Walker County, Georgia.
Uncovering the Past through Art: Sacred Harp and Forgotten Family Memories - Through studying the Sacred Harp, I knew instinctively that "my people" came from that tradition.
The Rambo Family Tree by Beverly Nelson Rambo - The Rambo Family Tree is the gold standard on the family, and you should seek it out.
Travelin’ Light: Striking A Balance Between Two Worlds (Dirt Town Valley and Beyond) - If I'm a city dweller so too am I a country man. Both of these exist inside me.
147 Years Ago Today - Looking at some family photos as I think of Abraham Lincoln.
Little Country Church: Memories of Music at East Armuchee - Looking back as far back as I can remember music has always played an important role in my life.
School Days: Students at Subligna School, 1930’s - In the late 19th and early 20th century, numerous schools dotted the Armuchee and Dirt Town Valley regions.
Finns Point National Cemetery - Though my family is rooted in Georgia, some interesting burial locations exist in other parts of the country.
Concord Road [video] - An exploration of the history of Concord Road in the East Armuchee Valley of Walker County, Georgia.
School Days: Villanow School, circa late 1930’s - The Villanow school was among the last one-room schoolhouses in the area.
The Pope/Clement Sofa, A Family Heirloom - Furniture often carries its own lineage and makes up an exciting part of family and local history.
Public Library Lecture and Exhibition - I've been on the road for work and preparing for my upcoming lectures in northwest Georgia.
Photos from Jordan’s Journey lectures - My lectures were well attended by many locals and a few people from farther away.
Connections: The Pettyjohn Family and Me - I love looking at all the different branches of my tree and discovering unique and interesting connections.
Hey There Delila: Mapping An Armuchee Valley Matriarch [Part 1] - Sometimes the answers you are looking for are right where you're standing.
Hey There Delila: Mapping An Armuchee Valley Matriarch [Part 2] - Delila is but one symbol of the interconnectedness between us all.
Happy Birthday, Mom - Wishing my mother the best on her special day.
Hey There Delila: Mapping An Armuchee Valley Matriarch [Part 3] - Delila was born to William Brown and Nancy Pruitt in Spartanburg County, South Carolina.
School Days: Armuchee Valley School, Class of 1991 - Connecting classmates to family and local history.
Caney Fork [video] - This short documentary film is about the search for my pioneer ancestors in 19th-century Arkansas.
Childhood Melon Memories: Happy National Watermelon Day - Watermelon is one of the crops I remember most clearly and associate very closely with my grandfather.
Connections: A Unique Rea of Light - I found a an unexpected connection to another Armuchee Valley family, the Reas.
Mad Dogs and Venomous Snakes: The Inconsequential Nature of Everyday Life - Whenever I get the time, I love poring through old newspapers from Chattooga and Walker Counties.
School Days: Subligna School Children - I know virtually nothing about this photo except that it was taken at Subligna School.
The Mythology of Genealogy (or, The Stories We Tell) - While I strive to record accurate details and document facts, the core attraction of genealogy is the story.
Coming Home: More Music from East Armuchee - A bit of aural history from my childhood at East Armuchee Baptist Church
Connections: Pretty People at Puryear Woods - The Puryear family is a well-known family in the Armuchee Valley area.
Sisters & Cousins: The Scoggins and Bagwell Family Connections - In my family tree, three Scoggins men (cousins of mine) married three women from the Bagwell family.
Connections: Ogletree, Phillips, and Hackney Families - Uncovering a fascinating connection between friends.
Earl Jordan’s Barn [video] - My grandfather's barn is one of those places with great emotional resonance and instantly gives me the feeling of home.
The Language of Genealogy - History is not good. History is not bad. History just... is (or maybe "was").
Two Mules, A Buggy, and Some Friends - Sometimes, a photograph speaks entirely for itself, and this is one of those images.
Halloween Memories in East Armuchee - Pumpkin carving, weenie roasts, and hayrides are some of my favorite memories of the season.
Blackout! (or, A Time To Reflect) - During the blackout, I spent a lot of time contemplating my ancestors.
Connections: Bagwell & Beyond - Most people focus on their direct-line ancestors, but I also like to explore the entire forest canopy.
School Days: LHS Majorettes, 1964 - Two of these five young women were born and raised in Armuchee Valley.
Villanow’s Scenic Sites: Johns Mountain, Keown Falls, and The Pocket - This area of Walker County is a stunning place to explore, especially if you love hiking and the outdoors.
cropped for blog post thumbnail Georgia Backroads: “The Scoggins Family and Subligna Go Way Back” - My new essay is on the Scoggins family and their historic store in Subligna.
Seen & Unseen: The Inner World of Sahkanaga - A portrait of Walker County as I have never seen before.
East Armuchee Baptist Church [video] - A short video history of East Armuchee Baptist Church in Walker County, Georgia.
The Year In Review at Jordan’s Journey - Let's look back at the launch of the Jordan's Journey book and this blog. What a year!
Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - The search for my roots brought home King's message in a new way.
History of the Kinsey-Kenemer Cemetery [Guest Post] - I'm pleased to present the very first guest post here at Jordan's Journey.
Weather the Storm: Remembering the Blizzard of 1993 - Out on the farm in East Armuchee, we were without power for a week.
Other Art and Goings On - An update on some of my work beyond Jordan's Journey.
All You Need Is Love - I've often wondered about my ancestors... what were their romances like?
Research and Imagination (& Some Family Photo Fun) - You can use nothing but some old photos and your imagination to connect with your ancestors.
cropped for blog post thumbnail Georgia Backroads: “We Are One People” - My new essay explores my ancestral ties to slavery.
McWilliams Cemetery [video] - Explore the history of McWilliams Cemetery in West Armuchee, Walker County, Georgia.
Rest In Peace, Cousin Martha - Saying goodbye to a cousin and a friend of Jordan's Journey.
INTERSECTION luke kurtis exhibition - The exhibition and accompanying book is a spiritual successor to the Jordan's Journey project.
cropped for blog post thumbnail Georgia Backroads: “The Language of History” - I have a new article out in the current issue (Summer 2014) of Georgia Backroads.
Photo from Concord Methodist Church, Villanow, GA - A look at an early 20th century photo from Villanow, Georgia, contributed by Rhonda Locke.
cropped for blog post thumbnail Georgia Backroads: “Polishing the Gilt Easel” - My new essay tells the history of crayon portraiture along with some family history from northwest Georgia.
Jordan’s Journey Goes International! ✈️ - My trip to Germany to trace my roots was a genealogist's dream.
School Days: Subligna High School Class of 1949 - An exciting piece of documentation and part of the rich history of Subligna.
Halloween Photos 1955 & 1986 - Halloween memories from Subilgna, Georgia
cropped for blog post thumbnail Georgia Backroads: “A Man of Most Simple and Attractive Manners” - Researching this story took me all the way to California.
School Days: Concord School, early 1890’s - Concord School was among the numerous small schoolhouses in the Armuchee Valley area.