Happy Birthday, Mom
Rhonda Jordan (right) and Debbie Epperson (daughter of pastor at East Armuchee) celebrate Rhonda’s birthday.

Earlier this year I celebrated my Dad’s birthday and then my sister’s. Today it’s Mom’s turn!

This photo is from my mom’s 4th or 5th birthday. She’s sitting at her child-size table on her front porch in East Armuchee. My mom is on the right; the other girl in the photo (just out of reach of the camera) is her friend Debbie Epperson.

I love this photo because I grew up with this same set of table and chairs, handed down to my sister and me. Though I don’t think my sister and I ever played with knives as a kid. Look at the blade in my mom’s hand! But with that adorable smile, ruffled shirt, and polka dot skirt she couldn’t do any harm, right? Why do I envision scenes from a B-grade horror movie?

But I digress… today is Mom’s special day. Those of you who have read the Jordan’s Journey book may recall the dedication… to Mom. Her love of tracing the family tree is a big part of what set me on this path. The Jordan’s Journey project wouldn’t exist without her.

The truth is that I’ve always been a mama’s boy. Growing up, Mom was always a friend, and I’m thankful that she is today as well. Thank you, Mom, for all that you do. I love you.

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