Press Room

Welcome to the bd Press Room.

Here you can access press releases about our major projects and other announcements. Please contact us for any further information.


Just One More book by Jonathan David Smyth (Sep 2017)

Angkor Wat book and album by luke kurtis (May 2017) redesign (Dec 2015)

Visions of the Beyond exhibition and book by Stefanie Masciandaro (Apr 2015)

Tentative Armor book by Michael Harren (Oct 2014)

The Language of History exhibition and book by luke kurtis (Aug 2014)

INTERSECTION exhibition by luke kurtis (Feb 2014)

muse exhibition by luke kurtis (Feb 2013)

Jordan’s Journey lecture and exhibition by Jordan M. Scoggins (May 2012)

Jordan’s Journey book by Jordan M. Scoggins (Jan 2012)