I reached out to the artists and poets I’ve published to see how everybody is doing during the pandemic. Some of us are creating, some of us are crying, and some of us (most of us?) are somewhere in between, depending on the day. The state of the world is a lot to process. But we are here. We are well. We are wearing masks. We are hunkering down and taking the situation seriously. I thought it would be fun to share photos of us all masked-up, socially distanced, and going about our days. Here we are, the masked artists & poets of bd-studios.com

Dudgrick Bevins
Dudgrick Bevins (Route 4, Box 358) is making video poetry in the Bronx, NYC
William Doreski
William Doreski (Train to Providence) is reading (and writing) poetry in Peterborough, NH
May Gañán
May Gañán (Puertas Españolas) is making #artforacrisis in Madrid
Michael Harren
Michael Harren (The Animal Book, Tentative Armor) is experimenting with something new in Brooklyn, NYC
Rodger Kingston
Rodger Kingston (Train to Providence) is documenting his pandemic experience in Belmont, MA
self-portrait (mask)
luke kurtis (exam(i)nation, Angkor Wat, etc) is writing in Greenwich Village, NYC
José Marí­a Mejorada
José Marí­a Mejorada (Puertas Españolas) is making music in Ledesma, Spain
Sam Rosenthal
Sam Rosenthal (Here Nor There) is online in NYC
Jonathan David Smyth
Jonathan David Smyth (Just One More) is working on a new book in Chelsea, NYC
Michael Tice
Michael Tice (The Male Nude, Retrospective) is painting in Carrboro, NC

All mask photos are self-portraits, except Dudgrick Bevins by Mikey Hope, Michael Tice by Ramon Negron, Rodger Kingston by Carolyn Kingston.

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