Our latest book, The Animal Book by Michael Harren, has been getting a lot of attention in the vegan press! I rounded up a few excerpts to show you just how much people are digging Michael’s book (and album, too).

“I have your beautiful book in my hand and it made me feel all warm and tingly.”
—JL Fields, Easy Vegan Radio

“You did my very favorite form of advocacy and you did it well, which is the arts. You also made it a very interactive experience.”
—Jasmin Singer, Our Hen House

”…about finding who you are and learning about the unconditional love of an animal.”
—Adam Rothenberg, Call Me Adam

“I don’t understand why all artists aren’t vegan … Artists try to see the world. They’re not following the fold. They’re not trying to be manipulated. They’re trying to be original and expressive and see the world rather than sleepwalk.”
—Caryn Hartglass, Responsible Eating and Living

But don’t take my word for it, head on over and check out these interviews for yourself. Or just jump right in and buy the book today!

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