The last I updated you here, my Kickstarter campaign was under way. If you didn’t already see the news, it was a phenomenal success. The project reached 100% funding before it was even halfway through. I’m so thankful for all of my fans and supporters who helped make it happen.

As part of the campaign I posted several videos featuring the Kickstarter rewards. I thought I would gather a few of those here.

The first video shows my We Are One People artist’s multiple. This is a new work I created earlier in 2013 but I debuted it as part of the INTERSECTION Kickstarter campaign. This limited edition boxed set contains my article “We Are One People” (originally published in Georgia Backroads) on a set of 12 cards accompanied by a set of 12 mounted digital chromogenic prints. This multiple is super deluxe and high end. See what it’s like in the video:

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