The last I updated you here, my Kickstarter campaign was under way. If you didn’t already see the news, it was a phenomenal success. The project reached 100% funding before it was even halfway through. I’m so thankful for all of my fans and supporters who helped make it happen.

As part of the campaign I posted several videos featuring the Kickstarter rewards. I thought I would gather a few of those here.

The first video shows my We Are One People artist’s multiple. This is a new work I created earlier in 2013 but I debuted it as part of the INTERSECTION Kickstarter campaign. This limited edition boxed set contains my article “We Are One People” (originally published in Georgia Backroads) on a set of 12 cards accompanied by a set of 12 mounted digital chromogenic prints. This multiple is super deluxe and high end. See what it’s like in the video:

This one is a video about my INTERSECTION zine:

I also made a video that shows my Jordan’s Journey bookJordan’s Journey was an enormous interdisciplinary and multimedia project that I spent most of 2012 putting out into the world. The blog, the videos, the exhibition, the lectures, and the articles were all an important part of it. But the book itself is what it all revolves around. It’s an artist book unlike any other you’ll ever encounter. You could spend hours soaking it all in–and I hope you will–but this video lets you absorb it in a super-quick 1’20”! Think you can read that fast?

The music in that video was composed by my friend and collaborator Michael Harren. He created the music for the Jordan’s Journey short videos I put together in 2012.

In the time since the Kickstarter, I’ve been working hard to get the show–and the rewards–ready. The show opens on March 8th so watch for some big updates soon! For the latest and greatest, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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