luke kurtis with Geraldine Bryan at the muse opening
luke kurtis and Geraldine Bryan at the “muse” exhibition

You’ve probably noticed the lack of updates here over the past few months. After a busy 2012, I planned to be less active here this year for several reasons. I intended to be a bit more active than I have been. But life happens, other projects take hold, and as often as I think about it… posts here just haven’t been done.

I expect to be back here with more posts in the future and even have another half-edited video or two in the works. But since those things won’t be ready any time soon, I thought I’d at least give you an update on some of my work beyond (but still related to) Jordan’s Journey.

Back in March, I had a solo art exhibition–titled muse–in Raleigh, NC. The works were inspired by some of the Jordan’s Journey research (among other things)–and the Jordan’s Journey book was on display too. I gave a brief talk at the opening reception and included a reading of an ancestor-inspired work of fiction (which was a special sneak preview of a project in the works). Above is a photo of me with the presenter, Geraldine Bryan, which is from Walter magazine (May 2013). You can learn more about this show on the main blog.

Opening today in Portland, Oregon, one of my photos is included in the new exhibition Field Notes: Landscape and Architecture at Black Box Gallery. If you happen to be in the Portland area, the show is on view until June 20, 2013. Otherwise, check it out online.

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