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Jordan’s Journey Goes International! ✈️

Jordan's Journey Goes International! ✈️

After I published Jordan’s Journey, I always fantasized about doing a volume two sub-titled: The European Edition! It would be a fascinating way to dig deeper into my heritage before my ancestors came to America. While, unfortunately, I don’t think such a book will happen any time soon—for a variety of reasons I won’t get […]

Villanow’s Scenic Sites: Johns Mountain, Keown Falls, and The Pocket

Villanow's Scenic Sites: Johns Mountain, Keown Falls, and The Pocket

It has been almost 15 years since I lived in Georgia. That seems like such a long time ago. All that time away from the place I grew up is actually one of the things that enabled me to make Jordan’s Journey. If I had stayed in the same place, I don’t think I would have been […]

Finns Point National Cemetery

Finns Point National Cemetery

Though the vast majority of my family–even going generations back–are rooted in Georgia and other parts of the south, there are some interesting burial locations in other parts of the country. I’ve yet to discover any direct family connections to New York, where I call home. But there are a couple of interesting family burials […]