Last year I made my first major foray into installation art. I created the site-specific work the woods are watching and released a series of videos documenting the process. While that work was part of my larger Crayon Portraiture project, it also marked the beginning of this new earth-based aspect of my practice.

Today I’m proud to debut my newest piece, which is titled convergence. This new piece takes me further down the path of creating art that interacts with the land and the environment.

convergence is a synthesis of a few different influences. The literary influence is present in the title itself, which is inspired by Flannery O’Connor’s short story collection, Everything That Rises Must Converge. But the initial visual inspiration is the excavation of an old family cemetery (it was in the process of being moved so that a highway could be constructed) that I visited in 2010 while I was researching my Jordan’s Journey project. The work also engages with history in a site-specific way. I talk more about this in the video itself—so be sure to check it out!

And then there’s the tractor! Using the tractor to make this piece was so much fun. I couldn’t have done it without my father. The two of us haven’t always had a lot of common ground so the fact that my art can become a place to meet in the middle is quite astounding to me. I wasn’t interested in letting him teach me to do things like drive a tractor when I was a teenager. I’m glad he’s willing to teach me now, even if it’s for reasons he never would have expected. I am so grateful for his help. Art has the power to make connections. Onward and upward! We are converging!

It’s really hard to explain just how excited I am about this project. I like doing installation and video art because it’s a natural synthesis of my interdisciplinary interests. I’ve never felt comfortable with single medium labels such as “photographer” or “poet” or “writer.” These words only describe part of me and part of my work as an artist. Bringing together all those creative expressions (and more) with my ability to plan, organize, and execute projects is such a source of joy for me.

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