INTERSECTION is an artist zine by luke kurtis. It contains work from his archives as well as recent work created specifically for the zine. Publication began in February 2013 with copies distributed to a small group of friends. The zine was first available to the public in November 2013 as part of the artist’s Kickstarter campaign in support of his debut solo museum exhibition, also titled INTERSECTION. A full set of all twelve issues, housed in a custom stamped envelope, is available from the bd Library.

“It’s interesting to find an artist that is also a decent writer.”

Lichen Craig
host of Fireside

INTERSECTION no. 2 (inside):interseciton-no-2-rendering-inside

”which parts are me? and which did i imagine?”
(INTERSECTION no. 1, Feb 2013)
”he’s such a creative young boy”
(INTERSECTION no. 2, Mar 2013)
”the materials feel delicate yet grounded”
(INTERSECTION no. 3, Apr 2013)
”all is sacred; all is art”
(INTERSECTION no. 4, Jun 2013)
”don’t blink”
(INTERSECTION no. 5, Jul 2013)
”the gay cousin”
(INTERSECTION no. 6, Aug 2013)

INTERSECTION no. 4 (left), no. 7 (top right), no. 8 (bottom right):

”what’s that on your arms?”
(INTERSECTION no. 7, Sep 2013)
”psoriasis is much more than skin deep”
(INTERSECTION no. 8, Oct 2013)
”hey, wait a minute… i’m writing… poetry!”
(INTERSECTION no. 9, Nov 2013)
”photography is a lie”
(INTERSECTION no. 10, Jan 2014)
”it has all happened before and will happen again”
(INTERSECTION no. 11, Feb 2014)
”bigotry, stereotyping, and xenophbia”
(INTERSECTION no. 12, Mar 2014)