INTERSECTION no. 2 (inside):interseciton-no-2-rendering-inside


“which parts are me? and which did i imagine?”
(INTERSECTION no. 1, Feb 2013)
“he’s such a creative young boy”
(INTERSECTION no. 2, Mar 2013)
“the materials feel delicate yet grounded”
(INTERSECTION no. 3, Apr 2013)
“all is sacred; all is art”
(INTERSECTION no. 4, Jun 2013)
“don’t blink”
(INTERSECTION no. 5, Jul 2013)
“the gay cousin”
(INTERSECTION no. 6, Aug 2013)

INTERSECTION no. 4 (left), no. 7 (top right), no. 8 (bottom right):

“what’s that on your arms?”
(INTERSECTION no. 7, Sep 2013)
“psoriasis is much more than skin deep”
(INTERSECTION no. 8, Oct 2013)
“hey, wait a minute… i’m writing… poetry!”
(INTERSECTION no. 9, Nov 2013)
“photography is a lie”
(INTERSECTION no. 10, Jan 2014)
“it has all happened before and will happen again”
(INTERSECTION no. 11, Feb 2014)
“bigotry, stereotyping, and xenophbia”
(INTERSECTION no. 12, Mar 2014)