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This series combines spirituality, science, fashion, history, and many more interests to create dense works that evoke both religious icons and tarot cards

muse is an ongoing series of digital collage works. Contrasted with my Jordan’s Journey project—a work that explores the idea of personal and collective memory through the lens of genealogical history—muse hones in on a sense of the historical as alternate reality. The muse images approach the symbolism of tarot cards or even religious icons yet function beyond that realm. The muses possess a psychedelic fashion sense while layers of scientific and technical imagery bring a sci-fi element to the works.  These pieces illustrate my evolving collage technique and highlight my vision of a new world where spirituality and science are integrated aspects of the human experience.
The series currently contains over 30 works. Selected pieces were first displayed in a solo exhibition in Raleigh, NC in March 2013. Additional works from the series have been shown in group shows in Danbury, CT; Putnam; CT; and New York City.
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