Join me on Jordan’s Journey

Join me on Jordan's Journey

In the beginning this blog will be made up of extras and outtakes from and expansion upon the Jordan’s Journey book. In most cases this means the stories and images that just didn’t quite fit into the narrative or the space constraints of the book. These “extras” are no less interesting and will always tie back to the book in some way. Over time I anticipate that my research will lead to new discoveries so this blog will be a place to share those things after the book is said and done (or printed and bound, as the case may be). Finally, the blog will serve as a place to publish corrections when mistakes pop up in the printed text–and they inevitably will with a work of this nature.

Contributions are welcome as are guest posts. Contact me with an idea and we’ll figure it out!

In my next post I’ll introduce the primary family names that are explored in Jordan’s Journey.

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3 Responses to “Join me on Jordan’s Journey”

  1. Karen Spicer says:

    So sorry, I was supposed to get back to you, but my mom has been very with cancer. I have been taking her to Houston for treatments. However, I believe Joyce got you the information I had found at the library.
    I am glad to see that you have your site up and running. I will help when I can, but I’m not sure just how much as long as we are making these trips and I am still trying to work when I can.
    Happy searching,

    • Jordan says:

      No worries, Joyce. Though I am sorry to hear about your mom. Keep checking out the site when you can… I’ll be posting more regularly!

  2. Lynne Cabe says:

    Jordan – I am so excited about your work! We must talk soon. Please call [retracted]. My mother’s family (Millican/Peterson)is most recently from West Armuchee and early on (Kinsey/Brock), from East Armuchee. We are indeed connected!

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