baptism suite

A video art project constructed around the artist’s southern roots and the associated imagery of old fashioned baptism as practiced by his ancestors

baptism suite explores the role of history, religion, and family and how those forces have often opposed kurtis’s identity as a queer artist. The core of the project consists of several video works, ideally simultaneously projected in a dark room with surround sound in order to create an immersive and multimedia experience.

speak of the dead (2014/2015)
high definition video, stereo sound, 2 min 47 sec

baptism i, 1941 / baptism ii, 1941 (2017)
digital photos

baptism (2015/2016)
2 channel high definition video, 5.1 surround sound, 2 min 56 sec

creek (2015/2016)
high definition video, stereo sound, 1 min 17 sec

swimming hole (2015/2017)
digital print of original text

baptism (2013)
video, silent, 3 min 56 sec

baptism, ii (2013)
video, stereo sound, 1 min 18 sec