Jordan’s Journey trailer [video]

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  1. Elaine Grigsby says:

    Hi Jordan. Greetings from Georgia. I enjoyed your video as well as the other blogs. I admire the work you are doing on your family history. Maybe one day I will delve a little deeper into mine.

    • Jordan says:

      So good to hear from you, Elaine. Hopefully /Jordan’s Journey/ will help inspire you. There’s a little bit of Grigsby info in the book that you will particularly enjoy.

  2. Connie Gentry says:

    How nice to even see you again even via video! It has been so long! Your father shared this with me, and I think it is quite a challenge for you. I have faith in your abilities though. You have always been one to escape into the unknown. I will be anxious to see where this takes you. I hope you are well. I would love to hear from you. I have fond memories of our class discussions!
    Take Care,
    Connie Gentry

    • Jordan says:

      What a pleasant surprise to hear from you, Connie! More posts will be coming (and the book too). I hope you check it out. Stay in touch!

  3. Mom says:

    Thank you for all the many hours that you have spent researching our families and for taking me along on that journey. I can’t wait to see the book.

  4. Donna Grigsby Estus says:

    Jordan I am looking forward to seeing your book. I know Mama is really excited about your research. Thanks for making her feel so good when you visited her. Keep up the great work

    • Jordan says:

      I hope to get to see her again soon. The work her and your father did was very important and an essential stepping stone along my own journey of discovery.

  5. Charlotte Jordan Griggs says:

    I look forward to reading the book! Thank you for the many months
    you have spent in research!
    I have a lot of good memories of my growing up in
    East Armuchee Valley!
    I love you, Cha

  6. Harriet Scoggin Helm says:

    Hello from Texas!

    It looks very interesting. Can’t wait to see the photos and read your story.
    How interesting that you have a friend with the name Grigsby. That is my husband’s middle name. I’m not sure where it came from because he is the third
    with that name. Maybe there is another connection here. Good luck on your journey.

    • jordan says:

      That is very interesting. There are lots of Grigsbys from the area where I grew up in NW Georgia. The family is discussed some in the book. Do you know if any of your husband’s ancestors ever had the last name Grigsby?

  7. Linda Poarch Kerstein says:

    I enjoyed reading your newspaper story sent to me by Karen Hart! I am excited to read your book and delighted to know about your passionate journey into your roots !
    We all have many stories that need to be passed on and hopefully your lead will trigger more of us to get
    involved ! Linda (Poarch) Kerstein (lived in
    Villanow store from age 2 to 21), Miami, FL.

    • Hi Linda!

      Thanks so much for your comment. Yes, I do hope my work with /Jodan’s Journey/ will help others share their stories. There is so much interesting history out there. I would love to hear more about your time growing up in the Villanow store. What a unique experience!


  8. Christa McWilliams says:

    Oh Jordan!!!
    I can not wait to discover “Jordan’s Journey!” I know you’re finished w/the project, but hopefully you’re still curious. My grandmother was Ruby (or Rubie, depending on if you ask her or the gov’t (who can’t spell))Scoggins. Daughter of Lois and Jess Delaney Scoggins. She spoke to that lady in Texas you keep in touch with so this info is probably all old news to you. Her paternal granddad was Wiley A. Her mother Lois was a Chapman. Beyond the Scoggins, the McWilliams family settled West Armuchee Valley a long, long time ago and we have our entire family tree mapped out all the back to Ireland. I’m not sure if you know all this or not…you probably do.
    Funny thing about Suttle’s Mill: my grandfather, Bob Mc. and his brother Scott Mc. were fishing at the mill site and took my young father with them. Well, Dad had to go to the bathroom so he turned and walked away from the two men to relieve himself. Just then, my great-uncle Scott threw back his line to cast and instead of hooking a fish…well, he hooked daddy’s “thing” instead w/out knowing it and CAST! Daddy told me that story b4 he died last year and I can’t even think of that mill w/out grinning.
    More history (relevant): a Confederate soldier was operated on on one of the still remaining concrete picnic tables at Shiloh church(correct name? can’t recall) and bandaged up w/a confederate flag. That bloody, bullet riddled flag still exists and is kept by my family…I know, weird but interesting. My uncle Mike could tell you a lot more: my grandfather grew up close to the McWilliams Cemetary (that old shack still standing close by the cemetary fence is where he was born) and told Mike a whole lot about life in W. Armuchee as well as family history.
    Yes, we are all connected…think about it: before cars, how far could you travel to find a date/mate? lol You’d best hope you had a horse or else you were stuck w/a cousin!!! j/k!
    Your distant, distant cousin,
    Christa Leeann McWilliams

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