School Days: Villanow School, circa late 1930’s

Villanow School, late 1930's

Today I have another entry for the School Days series. This time I present a photo from the Villanow School which stood in Villanow at the opposite end of the valley as the Subligna School photo I shared last time. The Villanow school was among the last one room school houses in the area. The school originally opened, judging by various references in the Walker County Messenger, some time in the 1880’s. It operated until 1952 when the Armuchee Valley School opened.

This photo is from the late 1930’s or possibly very early 1940’s. It contains three close family members, my grand uncle Guy Adam Pope, my uncle Robert Jordan, and my aunt Mary Earl Jordan (though some of the others in the image connect in my tree as well). The writing on the image is by uncle Robert.

In March 2012, Guy Pope was able to identify almost every one else in the photo for me.

Front Row (L to R): Robert Jordan, Reba Eakers, Guy Pope, Raymond Carpenter, Davis boy, Bob Stansell, Betty Eakers, Mary Earl Jordan, Davis girl, Louis Roper, Elizabeth Morrison

Back Row, standing (R to L): Robert Garrison, Merl White on bicycle, Jack Stansell, Howard (“Pil” or “Dunk”) Shahan, Benny Pope, Bob Eakers, L. J. Eakers, Lavern Childs, Bradley White, Marvin Morrison in front of Mr. Kelley (the teacher), and Junior Robert in front of/beside two unidentified female friends of Mr. Kelley.

If you are able to add any information about the photo, or about the Villanow school or other area schools in general, please leave a comment below to get in touch.

Also, in other news, in just a few short weeks I will be giving lectures at the Walker-LaFayette Public Library and the Summerville Library. I will take you behind the scenes of the Jordan’s Journey book and talk about the research process and more. It will be a great event for anyone interested in family and local history. I’ll even have an exhibition of photography up at the Summerville Library. The lectures and the art exhibition are free and open to the public, so be sure to check out one of the events.

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6 Responses to “School Days: Villanow School, circa late 1930’s”

  1. Mom says:

    Bob Stansell who is pictured was just buried at Macedonia Thursday, May 17, 2012. I believe from hearing my sister Mary tell me a story about Villanow School that it could have been two rooms, possibly with two stories. I also think Armuchee Valley may have opened in 1951. I think I have a picture of one of the last Villanow reunions with some of these same people in it. I never remember the actual school. I think the reunion might have been at the church in the 1990’s.

    • I think you are correct about it actually have a second, smaller room. Charlotte Jordan Griggs, who also attended Villanow school, mentioned that to me once as well. But she said it was still always referred to/considered a “one room” school house.

      Also, I do recall from some of the old Walker County Messenger references to the school that it mentioned an upstairs. I believe the upstairs was sometimes used for various community meetings (i.e., the Freemasons, Odd Fellows, etc). I need to dig into more of these references, compile them, and share them here at some point.

      The reunion photo sounds very interesting. Be sure to show that to me and maybe I can share it here.

      How does Bob Stansell relate to the Stansell store that was in Villanow?

      • Mom says:

        Bob was Jack Stansell’s brother. Their father started the store and later Jack ran it. Jack died a few years ago. I think they are buried at Macedonia as well. Jack’s wife still lives at Villanow along with three children all near her. Jack was the one with all the old vehicles which were sold two years ago.

  2. Viola Smith says:

    Armuchee Valley Elementary School was opened in 1951. A plague was on the East side of the little front porch into the school with the date. I was in 3rd grade and loved each year I spent there. So sad that it burned and was closed. Lots suspected arson. There was talk of closing it when our son was there in the ’70’s.

  3. Sam Gowin says:

    I grew up in Villanow and I’m so glad to see this?
    Where exactly was this little school located?

  4. Diane (Kerr) harrison says:

    My mom went to that school with Jack stancil her name is Mary head but I believe she only went to 2cd grade and I went to armuchee 2cd through 5th

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