School Days: Students at Subligna School, 1930’s

Students at Subligna School

In the late 19th and early 20th century there were numerous schools scattered about the Armuchee and Dirt Town Valley regions. Today not even one of them remains. Gradually, one by one, they were all consolidated and now everyone travels to the larger towns for school.

I have relatively little knowledge about the small schools that dotted the Armuchee Valley (and know even less about the schools of Dirt Town Valley). ┬áBut I intend to uncover as much as I can and will share my findings here at Jordan’s Journey. Therefore, this post represents the first of what will be an ongoing “School Days” series that will showcase various photos and any other information I can rustle up. If you have anything to contribute, please get in touch. I am eager to document this almost-forgotten part of our past.

First up is a class photo from Subligna School in Chattooga County, Georgia (click to enlarge). My grandfather Harold Wallace Scoggins (1924-2000) is the boy in the lower left corner (first boy on the front row). The photo was taken in front of the school building. By my estimation, judging by Harold’s approximate age here, this would have been taken in the mid-1930’s. Harold later graduated high school from Subligna in 1941.

I do not know the identifies of any of the other children in this photograph. They appear to be about the same age as Harold and therefore all probably in the same class. If you are able to identify anyone or have any other information to share about Subligna School, please leave a comment below to get in touch.

UPDATE 28 Jun 2012: This photo was posted to the Chattooga County Historical Society’s Facebook page.

UPDATE 25 Aug 2012: I included an update to this post here.

You can read more about Subligna School and the community at large in the chapter on Subligna in Jordan’s Journey. As always you can subscribe to this blog via email or RSS.

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  1. Daniel Scoggins says:

    My grandparents might be a good source for you. John Scoggins graduated from Subligna High School and Hazel Pettyjohn Scoggins graduated from West Armuchee High School. I’d be glad to arrange a meeting with them.

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