The Rambo Family Tree by Beverly Nelson Rambo

Genealogists spend hours of research digging through old books and wrinkled papers. There are so many sources out there, from library books, courthouse records, to the box of papers stuffed away in your aunt’s attic. Your range of research material can be as varied as the family tree is sprawling. Because of that it helps to learn about resources fellow researchers have consulted, to hear their insights, and to learn why any particular source may (or may not) be useful to you. This post is the beginning of a series about sources I have consulted at some point during my research.

The Rambo family is unique in my tree in that, as far as I know, I am related to anyone with the surname Rambo. The Ramboo family is rooted in Sweden where, at the time, there were no surnames. You were identified simply as the son or daughter of your father, i.e., Peter Gunnarson literally translates to Peter, son of Gunnar. When my ancestor Peter came to the New World he adopted the name Rambo and therefore all descendants with that name can be traced back to Peter. You can read a general overview of the early Rambo generations in Jordan’s Journey… but if you want to explore them even deeper, be sure to take a look at The Rambo Family Tree by Beverly Nelson Rambo. Beverly’s tome is an extremely well documented work on many far reaching branches of Rambo descendants.

I first looked at Beverly’s book in the Milstein Division of the New York Public Library. It’s an intimidating text made all the more confusing to read because the Rambos used so many of the same names over… and over… and over. This is no fault of the text itself, of course, and ultimately the work is rewarding and an absolutely essential reference for anyone interested in the Rambo family. Just be prepared to tackle your share of headaches as you sort out the inter-generational who’s who.

Beverly published the book in 1986 and, unfortunately, died a few years later in 1990. Ron Beatty has continued Beverly’s valuable work. He published a second edition of the book and is working on a third. Be sure to check his website for more information.

My specific connection to the Rambo family is through my great grandmother, Ida Mae Rambo. She married Lawrence Chapman Scoggins. Read about Ida and her line of ancestry back to the original Rambo, Peter Gunnarson, in the Jordan’s Journey book. If you have any connection to the Rambo family, The Rambo Family Tree is the gold standard on the family and you should seek it out as soon as possible. If you are interested in the Rambo family, drop a comment to get in touch and we’ll compare research notes!

In more general news, coming soon look for the start of another ongoing series here at Jordan’s Journey more specific to northwest Georgia’s Armuchee and Dirt Town valley regions. Don’t miss a word and subscribe today via email or RSS. If you enjoyed this post, pass it along to someone else who might be interested (and leave a comment here too–I’m always happy to hear from you.).



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14 Responses to “The Rambo Family Tree by Beverly Nelson Rambo”

  1. Jana Woods Kunz says:

    I have been trying to track down this book to possibly get it reprinted. My dad is the last generation in the book. Just want one for family history. 🙂

  2. Ron Beatty says:

    Hi Jordan,

    Thanks for the good review and enthusiasm for genealogy. I’ve changed the web site recently and now have the five volumes similar to the ones printed with indexes into each one separately.

    Jana could also write to me although I am often very slow to respond.

    Happy trails and
    Love from cousin Ron Beatty

  3. Emma says:

    Do anybody know who the first Rambos ( Peter G Rambo) father and mother is called??

    • Peter Gunnarson was Gunnar’s son. The Swedes as the Norwegians used the patronymic naming system. Peter named his oldest son Gunnar. It was not until Peter arrived in New Sweden that he adopted a surname Rambo, likely after the place of his birth.

      • I love the patronymic naming system. It’s so interesting. I traveled to Iceland last year and they still use this system even today and do not have family names like we do in the States.

  4. Chris Bergstrom says:

    I descend from Peter Gunnarson Rambo, he is my 10th Great Grandfather.

    Here is my Lineage.

    Peter Gunnarson Rambo – Peter Rambo – Swan Sven Rambo – Jacob Rambo – Joseph Rambo – Levi Rambo – Joseph Rambo – Martha Ann Rambo-Wykle – Myrtle Jo Wykle-Hartman – Martha Ellen Hartman-Smith – James Dale Smith – Reta Ellen Smith-Bergstrom – (Me) Christopher Scott Bergstrom.

  5. Freddy Ramm says:

    I assume, since the Castle of Rames at Bobec Havre France is the same ancestral home of both Ramm and Rambo, I assume the names are the same.
    Best Regards
    Freddy Ramm

  6. Ron Beatty says:

    Hi Jordan,

    If you’d like, I can put a link to Jordan’s Journey and to your book on my website. I am curious if you wrote any biographical sketches of your ancestors that I should include as I make changes to the Rambo Family Tree.

    Have you placed your genealogy book in any libraries or repositories? My wife and I travel all year long by motorcycle, so we don’t purchase anything much, but I’d love to see a copy of your book. Your description is very alluring.

    We will be traveling through Georgia later this fall, after visiting friends in Columbia, South Carolina. We do not yet have any definitive plans beyond September 22nd when Cynthia returns from Texas to rejoin me in Boston. Today we watched storm-tossed waves at night crashing on the coast of Maine.

    Love from cousin Ron Beatty

    • Hi Ron,

      It’s so great to hear from you. Yes, there is a whole section on my Rambo ancestors in the Jordan’s Journey book. It’s coming out in an affordable paperback edition very soon. Also, it is already available as an ebook on iBooks and Google Play, if an electronic version is of interest to you.

      Sounds like your travels are a lot of fun. Have a great time as you see the country!


  7. David martinez says:

    I used to I used to live across the street from a mr. and mrs. Rambo mr. rambos first name was Clay he was a blind man well that was back in 1981 that was 2018 and one of my good friends rented out the house and found family history tree of the rambos ihope indeed this is the right place to leave this message but please feel free to call me at 503-576-0489 I can give you a lot of information these two were abused by their caretaker and they used to own a lot of land here in Salem Oregon for some reason my friends being haunted by this there is books that he wrote and his family from the 1800s of someone can reach out to me I would please appreciate it

  8. Morgan Roth says:

    Hey, so I am a descendant of Sarah Jane Rambo who was married to William T. Shearon. I was wondering if anyone knew more about the Shearon family? I’m hoping to find more out about them before my grandfather passes away. Thank you!

  9. Matt Rambi says:

    Wish I knew more about my father’s family. Raymond Rambo, Joseph Elmer Rambo and his dad Joseph Rambo. That’s all I got.

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