Georgia Backroads: “Polishing the Gilt Easel” [Out Now!]

Georgia Backroads, Winter 2015If you’re a Georgia Backroads reader, you already know that I have another new article in the current issue of the magazine. This is my fourth piece with the magazine in as many years. You can learn about my previous Georgia Backroads articles here:

“The Scoggins Family and Subligna Go Way Back” (Winter 2012)

“We Are One People” (Autumn 2013)

“The Language of History” (Summer 2014)

The new piece, in the Winter 2015 issue, is titled “Polishing the Gilt Easel.” This essay tells the history of crayon portraiture—an antique type of photographic reproduction—along with some family history from northwest Georgia. I also make connections to fellow southerner William Faulkner’s work and his use of the crayon portrait as an important object in his story “A Rose for Emily.” All in all, if you like a unique perspective on history, I think you’ll enjoy this piece. You can subscribe to the magazine over at the Georgia Backroads website or even order back issues to read my previous pieces too! If you’re a subscriber and you enjoy my work, let the magazine know!

For the other researchers out there, I thought I would share my bibliography for the “Polishing the Gilt Easel” article (the sources are not printed in the magazine itself). Enjoy!


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    I would like to read your article “Polishing the Gilt Easel” from the Winter 2015 edition of Georgia Backroads magazine. However, the web site for purchasing back issues does not list the Winter 2015 edition as being available. Is there some other way I can obtain a copy of your article?



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