monkin the beginning is the end. every ending is a new beginning. life is a spiral. it has all happened before and will happen again.

every breath is the light. life is light. every movement a grand gesture. love is all there is. what we perceive as hate, what we label as evil, is merely a dark expression of that which is searching for love.  darkness longs for love to fill the void. darkness craves the caress of light. love is always willing to fill it.

but i do not speak of love as a lofty ideal. i speak of love as the imperfect expression of a perfect desire.

everything is beautiful. all is sacred. we are one.

i focus my energy on the light. this does not exclude me from the darkness that must come every night. our world (r)evolves around the sun. without its energy we cannot exist. the sun is life. the light is love.

this light can be fractured. it can appear imperfect and unsettled.  i walk in the light but the essence of that light remains mysterious.

i am mortal yet divine. i am peaceful but at war. i am perfectly flawed, grotesquely blissed, and gluttonously starved for acceptance in a world of rejection.

i seek understanding but know that answers are not the goal. discovery comes through the journey. know there is no one truth and seek to live in that grey area, that void of uncertainty. find the expression of doubt and knowledge wraped into one so that fear is vanquished and all you have room for is the curiosity to experience the divinity within yourself and recognize that divinity in all others, for it is the same essence of light within all existence.

it has all happened before and will happen again. life is a spiral. every beginning is a new ending. in the end is the beginning.

l.k. n.y.c.
17 september ’09