Georgia Backroads: “A Man of Most Simple and Attractive Manners” [Out Now!]

Georgia Backroads: “A Man of Most Simple and Attractive Manners” [Out Now!]

I’m very pleased to announce my latest essay, titled “A Man of Most Simple and Attractive Manners.” It’s out now in the Autumn 2017 issue of Georgia Backroads. This piece, my fifth for the magazine, has been a long time in the making. I started the research back when I was writing the Jordan’s Journey […]

Georgia Backroads: “Polishing the Gilt Easel” [Out Now!]

Georgia Backroads: “Polishing the Gilt Easel” [Out Now!]

If you’re a Georgia Backroads reader, you already know that I have another new article in the current issue of the magazine. This is my fourth piece with the magazine in as many years. You can learn about my previous Georgia Backroads articles here: “The Scoggins Family and Subligna Go Way Back” (Winter 2012) “We […]

Georgia Backroads: “The Language of History” [Out Now!]

Georgia Backroads: "The Language of History" [Out Now!]

I have a new article out in the current issue (Summer 2014) of Georgia Backroads. The article is titled “The Language of History” and it is an expanded and slightly re-worked version of the post “The Language of Genealogy” that previously appeared here on Jordan’s Journey. I really like the new version of this article […]

McWilliams Cemetery [video]

McWilliams Cemetery [video]

Although you wouldn’t know it from updates here at Jordan’s Journey, 2013 has been one of the busiest years of my life! Don’t worry though–it’s all in a good way. And luckily for all you Jordan’s Journey fans, recently I uncovered an almost-finished Jordan’s Journey video that I shot back in May 2012. Due to […]

Georgia Backroads: “We Are One People” [Out Now!]

Georgia Backroads: "We Are One People" [Out Now!]

I am very pleased to announce the publication of my latest article in the current (Autumn 2013) issue of Georgia Backroads. “We Are One People” is an exploration of my ancestral ties to slavery, focusing specifically on the Armuchee Valley and Dirt Town Valley regions. My original photography, as well as antique images I curated, […]

Other Art and Goings On

Other Art and Goings On

You’ve probably noticed the lack of updates here over the past few months. After a busy 2012 I did plan to be less active here this year for a number of reasons. I had intended to be a bit more active than I have been though. Life happens, other projects take hold, and as often as […]

Georgia Backroads: “The Scoggins Family and Subligna Go Way Back” [Out Now!]

Georgia Backroads: "The Scoggins Family and Subligna Go Way Back" [Out Now!]

My latest publication, titled “The Scoggins Family and Subligna Go Way Back,” appears in the current Winter 2012 edition of Georgia Backroads. Georgia Backroads is a wonderful journal that features interesting writing and photos about Georgia history, nature, and travel. The first time I saw Georgia Backroads I immediately knew I wanted to be part […]

Public Library Lecture and Exhibition

Public Library Lecture and Exhibition

I’ve been on the road for work as well as preparing for my upcoming lectures in Northwest Georgia. And the time is upon us! Tomorrow I will be in LaFayette, Georgia and Tuesday I will be in Summerville, Georgia. My art exhibition of photographs from the Jordan’s Journey project will also be on display at the […]

The book cover unveiled…

The book cover unveiled...

Unveiled at last, here is the cover of Jordan’s Journey. The cover photo is a self-portrait taken in September 2011 on the Pope/Jordan family farm where I grew up in East Armuchee, Georgia. I shot the primary footage for the book trailer on the same day. Be sure to follow this site’s feed or subscribe […]

Jordan’s Journey trailer [video]

Jordan's Journey trailer [video]

Watch the trailer for Jordan’s Journey. If you like what you see be sure to “like” and pass along!

Join me on Jordan’s Journey

Join me on Jordan's Journey

In the beginning this blog will be made up of extras and outtakes from and expansion upon the Jordan’s Journey book. In most cases this means the stories and images that just didn’t quite fit into the narrative or the space constraints of the book. These “extras” are no less interesting and will always tie back […]