"Jordan's Journey" in Rome News-TribuneJordan’s Journey has been featured in several publications (listed in order of publication date):

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Genealogy/local history articles written by Mr. Scoggins have been published as follows:

  • “Caney Fork Township in the 19th Century: Pioneers from Georgia and Beyond Settle the Arkansas Wilderness” (written with Joyce Wood). The Gems of Pike County, Arkansas, Pike County Archives and History Society, Summer & Fall 2011, Vol. 22, Nos. 3 & 4: 4-9. Print.
  • Subligna Rich In History: Scoggins Family Part of Stores, Gins In Area.” The Summerville News, 8 Mar 2012: 1-B. Print. (Published online as “Subligna Rich In History” 9 Mar 2012).
  • “The Language of History.” Georgia Backroads. Summer 2014. Print.
  • “Polishing the Gilt Easel.” Georgia Backroads. Winter 2015. Print.
  • “Polishing the Gilt Easel: Iconography of the Crayon Portrait” Palaver. Spring 2015. Web.
  • “The Scoggins Family and Subligna Go Way Back.” Georgia Backroads. Winter 2012, Vol 11, No 4. Print.
  • “Seen and Unseen: The Inner World of Sahkanaga.” Walker County Messenger. 19 Dec 2012, 23. Print.
  • “We Are One People.” Georgia Backroads. Autumn 2013, 12, No 3. Print.